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We are known for our highly detailed sculpted jewelry with themes revolving:


our main collections:



Handcrafted Jewelry

Our Jewelry are highly customizable. From Sizing, Precious Material, Gemstones to Gold Plating.

We appreciate your patience to kindly allow us 2-3 weeks to prepare your order with care and attentiveness.

Precious Metal

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver is our default high-quality choice in our jewelry as it consist of 92.5% silver content, aka 925 Silver.

We choose to work with Sterling silver as it is durable, timeless, and when cared for properly, can last a lifetime.



We use Authentic Gemstones to elevate our Jewelry. We recommend Ruby (Red) as we believe red gems ignite the soul of the jewelry. But they can be replace by the following:

Citrine (Yellow), Sapphire (Blue), Emerald (Green), Quartz (Transparent white) or Spinel (Black).

Do drop a comments during checkout if you want to change to other color gemstones with no extra cost.

Beast Ring | Majestic Alpha Lion
Beast Ring | Majestic Alpha Lion
Sale priceFrom $168.80
🏆 AWARD WINNING | Red Indian Chief Ring
🏆 AWARD WINNING | Red Indian Chief Ring
Sale priceFrom $248.80
🏆 AWARD WINNING | Balinese Barong Ring
🏆 AWARD WINNING | Balinese Barong Ring
Sale priceFrom $168.80
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International Multi-Award Winner

We take pride in our design and we have won a few international design awards from USA and Milan (Italy).

Highly Recommended

Majestic Lion

3 Layered Skull

Vampire Bat

Lovers of Valdaro

Side Stacker

Vampire Skull

Savage Wolf

Eternal kiss

Skeleton Hands

Headphone Skull

Money Frog

Live Product Viewing

If you are interested but not very sure of our product, we are now accepting live video product viewing. If you are interested to view any of products, please do drop a message and we will contact you back shortly to arrange the session.

Our Specialty

Black Gold

We are proud to master the craft of Black Gold plating (AKA Black Rhodium).

Black Gold finishing elevate the mysteries and glossy richness that can be carried well by most of our design. Accompany with precious gemstones, it is priceless.

(works especially well with our Beast Collection)

Feminine Collection

Eternal Love

A life-time is too short to accommodate True Love.

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Skull Art

Skull Art inspired by our Jewelry is now available

carbon neutral

All deliveries are carbon neutral, we donate a portion of our sales to cover our carbon footprint to you.

We also adopt lesser packaging and will combine packaging if you buy multi items. Please write to us if you want each items to be separated.

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Free trackable carbon neutral shipping worldwide.