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Black Gold is underrated and less well-known among all other categorization of gold, for example white gold, rose gold or yellow gold. At AlteJewellers, we will like to draw some attention to this precious gold type for the fact that black gold works stupendously with many of the themes we work on.



Yellow is the original color of Gold.  In order for Gold to appear in other colors, other metal or alloys will be needed to blend with pure gold.

1) Black Gold does not stand on its own as a classification of blended Gold.  It cannot be created by mixing Pure Gold with any known alloy or metal to achieve consistency in the shade of black with Gold.


2) Black Gold can only be derived from plating.


3) Black Gold is a layman term. The actual classification is Black Rhodium. Its counterpart is White Rhodium, which is used in White Gold plating to achieve a radiant white finishing.


4) Black Rhodium is harder to plate which is why many goldsmiths do not work with it.


5) Black Rhodium plating is more costly than Gold plating as Rhodium is a more valuable metal then Gold due to its rarity.

    At Altejewellers, we are proud that not only we are able to plate Black Gold, but our Black Gold products are also often praised for its impeccable quality.


    ''It is truly a work of art. It has marvelous craftsmanship and the black gold finish is the highest quality I have ever seen. Looks like a $2500 ring. ''
    ~Jeff Vallier, Oct 23, 2019


    Q & A

    How long can Black Gold last?

    Like any other plated Gold, it will eventually fade away after many years of usage. To make it last longer, 

    1. Remove your jewelry before you swim in chlorine or salt water.
    2. Remove your jewelry before participating in activities that will cause you to sweat a lot.
    3. Wait to put on your jewelry until after you have applied lotion, makeup or perfume.

    Regardless of the wearing, you can always send for plating again. It is worth noting that our designs are resilient to such fading as our design can be further accentuated with the fading over time.

    Rhodium is not gold, so there is no value?

    That is not true, in fact, Rhodium is usually more expensive than Gold because it is far more rare compared to Gold.  

    What is the underneath material used for the Black Gold plating?

    There are a few metals that can be plated with Black Rhodium but at AlteJewellers we master it with the use of sterling silver. So we can present to you Black Gold with the price of silver.

    I want my BlackGold jewelry to be of the value of Gold rather than silver. Can it be done? 

    Yes, we can use 18K gold as base material and plated with Black Rhodium. 

    How do I take care of Black Gold?

    Avoid rubbing or abrading the jewelry, as this can cause it to scratch. When cleaning black gold jewelry, use a non-abrasive jewelry cleaner or a solution of warm soapy water with a soft-bristled brush or cloth and apply gently.

    When storing black gold jewelry, place in a cloth bag or lined box, without contact with other jewelry to keep them free from scratches.

    Why do AlteJewellers emphasis on Black Gold?

    Black is a color that evokes mystery as most people can relate to. Coincidentally, a lot of the animals' themes we work on (i.e. Bats, panthers, bears, wolves) are black in nature. Therefore black accentuates our themes better.

    Which finishing is better? Black Gold plating or Antique Silver? 

    Antique Silver is a finishing using the oxidizing to darken the recess areas of the Silver. As such, the separation of color helps bring focus to the intricate details of our handcrafted jewelry.

    Black Gold is glossy and reflective like Gold. It does not draw in sharper focus on the details of the piece as much compare to Antique Silver. But we alleviate this shortfall by introducing another color plating (usually white gold for the teeth) to exhibit the character of the piece in extravagant fashion. Such a piece is made to impress with the look and feel of a very exorbitant product.

    So do Altejewellers recommend Antique Silver or Black Gold for the finishing? 

    It depends on your choice of style and occasion. Our advice is that on casual occasions when you want a piece to go with your jeans and tops, Antique Silver will be more suitable. However, if you need a piece on a more swanking setting, BLACK GOLD will be the one for you!


    Check out our Beast Collection where most of the design is suitable to be plated with BlackGold.


    Written By:~

    Andrew Lam | AlteJewellers Designer

    See Tho Yong Yang | Altejewellers Writer 



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    Selina Cameron

    Selina Cameron

    I accidently come across this article when i am researching on Black Gold jewelry. Intend to get it for my wedding band. But your design and usage of black gold is amazing. Already sign up on your mailing list. Looking forward to more design from you!

    I accidently come across this article when i am researching on Black Gold jewelry. Intend to get it for my wedding band. But your design and usage of black gold is amazing. Already sign up on your mailing list. Looking forward to more design from you!

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