Our Team


Andrew Lam |The Untamed Artist

Having worked as an artist and producer in Film and Gaming industry for many years, Andrew had the opportunity to join a traditional Jewellery Workshop with the task to modernize it with 3D Printing and Engraving Techniques.

Henceforth, he draws his passion on jewelry design incorporating techniques from gaming and film.  He eventually won a few international awards due to his unconventional approach and philosophy to design .

Aside from his day job as a designer, Andrew has lectured at Universities and Polytechnics in Singapore for the past decade.  

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See Tho Yong Yang | The Avid Story Teller

For all of his life, Yong Yang loves a good story.  He would enjoy reading books from Haruki Murakami or watch a film by Christopher Nolan.  Together with Andrew, Yong Yang worked with the Jewellery Workshop to modernize its production techniques with 3D Printing and Engraving Machines.

Yong Yang provides narrative for most of Andrew's work.  This afford Yong Yang the opportunity to write and provide back stories for the designs.  He works with Andrew on the concept and bring a breadth of life to the art behind the piece of jewellery.

Yong Yang works in market research and helps his friends to succeed with their startup projects on the side.