AlteJewellers NFT PERKS - Exclusive Membership

Exclusive Membership NFT comes with premium discount. 

50% discount on respective Jewelry on the NFT and 25% on other design. 


Terms and Conditions

1) Buyers are entitled to 50% discount of the same item listed on the NFT. Email to within 30 days of the purchase of the NFT to claim your voucher.

2) Buyer are allow to purchase one quantity of the item listed on the NFT. 

3) The jewelry will be the same format/design as the NFT purchased. eg metal material, color stones (if any), gold plating (if any).

4) Buyer can request sizing option (for Rings).

5) Buyer will need to top up $25 for express shipping and handling.

6) There are no refund of the value of Jewelry if buyer choose not to use the Discount Voucher.

7)  Additionally, buyer have unlimited access to 25% discount of other Jewelry as long as he/she is holding the membership. (Excluding solid 18K gold items)

8) These membership are transferable/resell in the form of NFTs.

9) We strive to continue to add on more exciting perks in this Membership in the future. 

AlteJewellers reserve the rights to update the terms and conditions above.


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